Shaggy Parasol, Horse Mushroom, The Prince, Pavement Mushroom, Field Mushroom, Agaricus Macrosporus, The Blushing Wood Mushroom, Wood Mushroom, False Death Cap, Grey Spotted Amanita, Tawny Grisette, The Blusher, Honey Fungus, Wood Ears (Jews Ears), Queen Bolete, Rooting Bolete, Oak Bolete, Bay Bolete, Beef Steak Fungus, BitterBeech Bolete, Red Cracked Bolete, Penny Bun, Erythropus Scarletina Bolete, Lurid Bolete, Peppery Bolete, Chanterelle, Winter Chanterelle, Trooping Funnel, Glistening Ink Cap, Shaggy Ink Cap, Horn Of Plenty, Hedgehog Fungus, Scarlet Hood, Meadow Wax Cap, Amethyst Deciever, Saffron Milk cap, The Deciever, Giant Puff Ball, Brown Birch Bolete, Wood Blewit, Field Blewit, Common Puff Ball, Stump Puff Ball, Parasol, Fairy Ring Champignons, Blackening Polypore, Porcelain Fungus, Oyster Mushroom, Blackish Purple Russual, Yello Swamp Russula, The Charcoal Burner, Common Yellow Russula, Powdery Brittle Gill, Cauliflower Fungus, Larch Bolete, Slippery Jack, truffles

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